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Silence In Heaven

Dedicated to the output of Soul Camel and related artists and projects across multiple genres and approaches
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Silence In Heaven
by Soul Camel
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ARTIST: Soul Camel TITLE: Driftland FORMAT: 'non-album' DATE: 2009-09-01 LABEL: Silence In Heaven Records CAT. NO.: SIH 02 01 - Driftland v.1 (with bells and whistles) 02 - Driftland v.2 (with sinister whispering) 03 - A Gingham Girl 01/02 - PD source, assembled 2009/06/11 03 - Vocal by Don Van Vliet, assembled 2005/xx/xx reassembled 2009/09/01 artwork, text and audio produced by SC at the Dragonhaus Three long-form experiments into looping and droning. All three pieces use the same method of...
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Topic: drone, process music, loops
Silence In Heaven
by Trenchmaker
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ARTIST: Trenchmaker TITLE: The Marble Garden FORMAT: EP DATE: 2010-10-12 LABEL: Silence In Heaven Records CAT. NO.: SIH 03 Two variations on a theme, unifying such disparate topics as pornography-as-art and fetish-culture, apocalyptic imagery and conspiracy theories NB: songs contain sexually explicit dialogue A - THE MARBLE GARDEN (excerpt from Die GĂ…ddisfatir) - voice, electroacoustics and edit by Sedric A. Dragon - Text by Alan Auch - Tambura sample by unknown performer, from Odd...
Topics: electroacoustic, sound-collage, experimental, Nurse With Wound, Trenchmaker, sexually explicit